Site Based Decision Making (SBDM)


Through the development and recommendation of the plans outlined (below), we will be closer to having excellence that is sustainable for years to come. - Principal Moran



The function of the SBDM Committee is to support and advise the principal in establishing campus goals and plan for improvement. 


Meetings are generally held the fourth Wednesday of every month at 5 p.m. SBDM elections are held in May. 

Climate Survey

View the most recent results of the school's Climate Survey.  


This is where we currently stand (Class of 2021) in terms of making sure 100% of our students
graduate college, career, and military ready. Here are the stats:


  Total Not Met Missing Goal
2021 441 203 / 46% 114
Gen Ed 313 165 / 71% 103
IB 88 6 / 7% 4
SPED 40 32 / 80% 7


Of the 203 students who have not met a CCMR goal yet, 67 of them are currently in an AP course.


Drop-Out Prevention: Parent Contact Carla Israel

The focus will be on developing a system of support that addresses key aspects that impact the school graduation rate. Two critical aspects that lead to students dropping out are falling behind in 9th grade and then not having a post -high school plan (and support team invested in the plan) to keep them motivated.


This article that explains aspects of a system that links 9th grade success and graduation


The second aspect to be addressed is the development of a graduation plan aligned with post- high school ambitions and coordinated support.


Facilities and Safety  (Shared Space, Safety and Mobility): Parent Contact Robert Garrett

The focus will be on the development of a three year that addresses concerns associated with:


- shared space (i.e.: teaching spaces, on-campus greenspace, Randall Park, historical
landmark status)

- safety (the development and execution of the Campus Emergency Operations Plan)

-and mobility (i.e.: traffic flow, parking)


This group may need to consult with Dallas ISD department, the Dallas Parks or other municipal
departments, local law enforcement agencies, and J.L. Long's SBDM.


Additional Documentation

WWHS Building Ordinance

WWHS Landscape Policy Submission

DISD and City of Dallas Interlocal Agreement for the Joint Development, Operation and Use of Randall Park

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