Counseling and Guidance



Counseling and Guidance Services

Woodrow counselors will be working with you throughout your four years by assisting you course planning, support services, and college and career readiness. 


Counseling Office Hours

Drop in hours are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:30am - 9:00am and from 4:20pm - 4:45pm. Drop ins cannot be accommodated on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Appointments are available by contacting your counselor. 




Class of 2021

(all students, except IB and sped)

Amy Anderson


Class of 2022

(all students, except IB and sped) 

Alyssa Mervine 


Class of 2023

(all students, except IB and sped)

Kayla Pugh


Class of 2024

(all students, except IB and sped)

Pamela Page


Grades 9-12 Sped

Chris Leshinski


International Baccalaureate

(all grades 9-12)

Shannon Rodriguez


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Responsive Services

  • Youth and Family Clinic (located in the Woodrow Wilson High School parking lot)
  • Referrals for other emotional family needs.
  • Guidance lessons and counseling groups on important teen issues throughout the year:
    • Suicide
    • Teen dating violence
    • Anti-Victimization
    • Risky Behaviours


Suicide Awareness and Prevention


Over our lifetimes, 80 percent of us will know someone who dies by suicide. . .

The counselors have a Teens Helping Teens handout available for students. This was distributed in 2014 to Woodrow students.


We hope every parent looks at this information and initiates a conversation with their student about how to deal with stress, loneliness etc. in their lives before the pain gets beyond control and the student is at risk for depression and/or suicide. If you need more resources for mental health referrals, please call the counselors at 972.502-4419.


Support Services

Student Support Team meets to assess student needs and services.

The 504 committee meets to assess and review interventions for students with a
diagnosed disability.

Testing for dyslexia is provided by DISD. See the following documents that describe dyslexia.

ADHD diagnosis is made by a medical doctor or psychological professional.

CollegeBoard SAT/PSAT, AP and ACT testing accommodations for students with a diagnosed disability for these college tests must be requested from the organization giving the test. See the links below for more information on their testing accommodations requirements.The College Board website and ACT website provide information in relation to disabilities.


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