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Records Requests

If you require an Attendance Report, Verification of Enrollment (VOE)TranscriptsRecords for DACA, or Records for Social Security. Click here to complete a request. 

Attendance Requirement to Receive Credit in Any Class

State law requires a student attend 90% of the class periods. That means a student cannot miss more than 10% of the semester days of a given course in order to receive credit. If a student misses more than 10% of their days they must participate in the Credit Recovery program to make up time for the absences over 10%. However, if a student misses over 25% of their class days, the student is ineligible to participate in the Credit Recovery Program. Failure to participate in the Credit Recovery Program or being ineligible to do so will result in a loss of credit/NG (No Grade) in that class.


In the Fall (79 Total Class Days)
8 Absences = Loss of Credit (NG)
20 Absences = Ineligible for C.R.


In the Spring (100 Total Class Days)
11 Absences = Loss of Credit (NG)
26 Absences = Ineligible for C.R.

Students are responsible for keeping track of their own attendance throughout the semester and making sure that they don't end up missing over 10% of their total class days by the end of the semester. -Every 6 weeks, teachers will be given a list of their students' attendance to aid in counseling them about their attendance. -Every 3 weeks, student attendance updates will be posted by ID # in front of the attendance office. -Always, students and parents can use parent portal or request an attendance report in the Attendance office after school.


The attendance committee will, based on a filled out and submitted Attendance Appeals Document, review a request to waive absences according to state Law.  Usually used with students who are absent due to extended illnesses and other extenuating circumstances.

Missing School for College Visits

Juniors and seniors get 2 days a year for college visits. These days are exempt from the Texas state attendance law meaning they are given an "S" and not an "E" (meaning excused and still count toward the days for credit).

After you have used your 2 days per year, your absence will be given an "E" (for Excused), if you bring documentation saying where you have been and it will count toward compulsory attendance. The college admissions office can provide you with paperwork spriving that you were there. If you can't get something like that, fliers or other documentation signed by a school official can be used. See Erica in the attendance office if you have further questions on that.

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